Exhibition - SHAME! and Masculinity with Polish photographer Artur Żmijewski

Curator Ernst van Alphen shows how the representation of masculinity in visual culture has changed significantly since the 1960's, with a.o. politician, stateswoman, dick by dawn, enlarged by Ina van Zyl, the universal souvenir series by Natasja Kensmil, the soundscape special boy by Philip Miller and an extensive print cabinet by Marlene Dumas with never before publicly shown work such as: the sexuality of christ, man bound to his own sight, whatever happened to the greeks!

And with the works of Jeanette Christensen la reproduction interdit, Arnoud Holleman family and friends, sculptures of alabaster and soapstone by Hans Hovy, a video work by Nalini Malani and chronophotography, nrs 1 to 5 by Artur Żmijewski.


At the cultural institute H401 Herengracht 401, 1017 BP in Amsterdam, the programme SHAME! Exploring Masculinities, will start from 22 October 2020 and runs untill 31 January 2021.

The programme consists of a number of elements: a group exhibition and international book publication both titled SHAME! and Masculinity including a various fringe programme with lectures, artists talks, workshops. As from Friday 23rd October the exhibition open for the audience, Wednesday till Friday 12 till 18 hours - free of charge.  Or on appointment: mail@h401.org


For the group exhibition, curator prof dr Ernst van Alphen selected a range of international artist, a.o. the Polish renowned artist Artur Żmijewski. In 2019 professor Van Alphen wrote: The performativity of provocation: the case of Artur Żmijewski.  He considers Żmijewski’s series “Gestures” (*) as a crucial part of the exhibition on SHAME! and Masculinity.

As part of the programme we will prepare an artist talk with Kasia Bojarska or possibly Monika Szewczyk and Artur Żmijewski here in Amsterdam. The date of this artist talk will be announced on www.h401.org/shame


We are very proud SHAME! and Masculinity is acknowledged and funded by the national fund for the Arts in the Netherlands the Mondriaan Fund and Prins Bernhard Culture Fund.


Artur Żmijewski (PL)


The works "Gestures" by the Polish artist are a record of gestures of contempt, hatred, and exclusion. The photographs have been taken using the classic technique of chronophotography, which captures human movement through multiple exposure. Each picture is a study of a specific confrontation aimed at the viewer. This analysis is extended through the addition of snapshot camera-recorded films, consisting of sequences of images on 35 mm film. However, in recording actual public scenes, Zmijewski enacts them in the studio using professional actors, thus neither analyzing the roots of the violence nor ascribing them to any particular identity. He looks at the gestures themselves and their morphology, beyond context or ideology. A range of aggressive gestures becomes a synthesis of behaviours, which outside the studio exist as a mean of expression both in private and public spaces, where they constitute social relationships based on domination and exclusion.


van 23.10.2020

tot 31.01.2021

plaats Stichting H401

Herengracht 401 (H401), Herengracht, Amsterdam, Holandia
aanvullende informatie en tickets www.h401.org

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